Disable Samsung Push Service to increase battery on Samsung Galaxy devices

I own a Samsung Galaxy Note II and it has a pretty impressive battery, enough to last a whole day without changing any settings on the phone. But it’s always nice to have that extra juice and disabling Samsung Push Service on my Note 2 gives enough battery life for two whole days. Disabling it on other Samsung devices also increases the battery life dramatically, I have tried this on Samsung Galaxy S3 and on Samsung Galaxy S4.

Samsung uses this service for ChatOn and other Samsung Apps so disabling the service may make such apps useless.

Go to settings and find Application managerDisable Samsung Push Service to increase battery lifeUnder “ALL” scroll down to find SAMSUNG PUSH SERVICE and disable it

2013-10-05 11.31.42

I also disabled ChatOn, S Voice etc

2013-10-05 11.31.27

My Battery Life

My battery life on my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 after disabling Samsung Push Service

How much extra juice did you get after disabling Samsung Push Service?

  • https://www.facebook.com/drs.mark.williams Mark Williams

    Thanks for the tip! I gave it a try and indeed, it makes a significant difference in my battery life!

  • Sten Göran Ingvarsson

    Hi, I don’t have any “Disable” button. In my telephone there is an “Uninstall
    updates” button.

    • Larkins Dsouza

      First you will have to press “Uninstall Updates” then again follow the same steps (i.e go that the place where you had “Uninstall Updates” button) Now instead of “Uninstall Updates” You will find “Disable”

      Please try it and let me know if it worked for you.

      • Sten Göran Ingvarsson

        Hi,it’s worked out alright.

  • mark

    Can you tell me what other apps you have disabled? And do you have to be on official rom? Cuz I’m on dittonote3 so does it has the same battery saving effect?

    • http://www.larkins.org/ Larkins Dsouza

      That means you have rooted your phone, so you can remove the unwanted apps manually not just disable. The apps I have disabled are ChatOn, S Voice, Flipboard, S Suggest, Samsung Games and of course Samsung Push Service.

      • Paula P.

        i have a question. my s4 battery drains really fast as well so i saw lost of people saying about disabling chaton, push service and s voice. i’ve disabled chaton cuz i never once used it, but im skeptical about disabling s voice and push, because i’ve read that those apps are rather important so i was wondering whether it will do any damage to my phone if i were to disable them? also, can i turn them on easily again whenever i want to?

        • http://www.larkins.org/ Larkins Dsouza

          Trust me, I have disabled S Voice and Samsung Push Service for about a year now. I haven’t experienced any problem.

          But please do not disable any core android services, but go ahead and remove any Samsung bloatware. Besides you can enable them anytime if you think you might need them in the future.

  • mark

    And btw I disabled it but didn’t notice a difference :/ does it need time or a reboot 2 take effect?

    • http://www.larkins.org/ Larkins Dsouza

      You need to calibrate you battery. i.e discharge it fully and switch off and recharge to full.. You will find the difference.

  • Carole

    Hi everyone, on my SIII or S3 phone, I am only allowed the option to “turn off” rather than to “disable” is that the same thing?

    • http://www.larkins.org/ Larkins Dsouza

      I guess they mean the same.

  • Max Riley

    Samsung Push Service was making my battery on my S4 lasting only 3 hours!! once I disabled the service it now lasts 15 hours.

  • Matming

    list all the apps that must be delete/disable in s4 pls ..

  • Phillip Holmes

    It helps if you have “developer mode” and “Root” access. They enable you to configure your programs and settings beyond what the manufacturer allows on a retail device.